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Granite is characterized as a stone known for it’s strength and durability. It is one of the hardest, and strongest stones that you can choose for your countertop.

Natural granite makes it possible for you to have a truly unique countertop. No two slabs of granite are alike. Granite can be found in most any color imaginable and depending on the color and texture you choose, it can have a look that is “at home” in a farm house kitchen or a high-rise apartment.

Granite gets it’s varied looks because it is made up of small and large grains of crystals. It started out as a molten mass of magma and then formed into granite as the magma cooled deep under the surface of the earth. The main mineral in granite is quartz. Compared to marble, it is more resistant to the acids found in lemons, vinegars, and cleaning products and usually will not etch. Granite is also virtually scratch proof. It will not scratch even when directly cut on. Things such as keys, coins, utensils, and appliances won’t scratch it either.

The characteristics of granite also make it extremely heat resistant. It can handle heat up to 1200 degrees Fahrenheit without doing harm to the surface of the countertop. Granite is porous so it will absorb water and any dyes or colors that are in that water.  Compared to marble and Limestone however, granite has a lower water absorption rate.  Something to keep in mind when choosing your colors for your granite countertop is that the crystals in darker stones are smaller than that in lighter granites. This makes it harder for liquids to penetrate.

It is most commonly used for countertops, flooring, window sills, shower surrounds, islands, fireplaces, bar tops, benches and monuments because of its outstanding durability.  As you are looking at various granite slabs, you will find that the texture or pattern of the stone is what will most likely influence which granite you choose.  One good place to start when choosing your granite is to figure out what your preferred color is and then look at textures or patterns in that color range.