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Marble Countertops for Kitchen and Baths in Austin Tx

Marble is one of the most elegant natural stones. Many people describe it as having a “rich look.”  Marble has been used for centuries in palaces, temples, and sculptures and is now used for countertops, fireplace surrounds, flooring, sinks and household decor. Marble has a beauty that will never be outdated.

Marble is a type of limestone which is formed by heat and pressure in the Earth’s crust that changes the texture and the composition of limestone to form large grains of calcite.  Many natural stones, including limestone and travertine, are often categorized as a marble. One characteristic of marble and marble type stones is that the surface of the stone can be polished to a high gloss finish.

Because the base structure of marble is limestone, it is highly reactive to the acids found in vinegar, orange juice, and lemons. These acids will etch the stone and leave dull marks or rings. Marble is softer and more porous than granite and it should never be used as a cutting board because it will scratch easily.

Marble will give you a wide and varied choice in colors and veining, however, the purest form of marble is white. Some marbles are so delicate that they even transmit light when back lit. The surface of marble can be finished in a variety of ways, from highly polished which is reflective and shiny to a honed finish which is a matte like finish.  Your choice of finish can achieve a casual or formal look.

Because of the softer and porous nature of marble, you should consiter your lifestyle and where you want to use it before deciding on marble. If you love the look of marble and are comfortable with the maintenance, you will absolutely love your marble countertop.