Cosentino + Silestone Loft Present HybriQ+

A Color Collection Inspired by Sustainability + Industrial Design

Cosentino recently announced the launch of Silestone Loft, a series of five colors inspired by industrial design. Each of the colors – Camden, Poblenou, Seaport, Nolita and Corktown – are named after iconic towns with a distinctive history and industrial design aesthetic.  This collection also features Cosentino’s newest HybirQ+ technology. HybriQ+ is a production process that utilizes 100% Renewable Energy, 98% Recycled water, and is made with recycled glass a minerals.

If you love the industrial, modern look of concrete but value the low maintenance durability of quartz, then you are going to love this collection.

camden by silestone loft kitchen countertop
Camden by Silestone Loft


Camden, inspired by one of London’s most influential and alternative towns, is a soft, delicate grey with a fine grain, consistent texture, and subtle white veining. Reminiscent of concrete, Camden is versatile and easy to incorporate into any design.

Pablenou by Silestone Loft


Silestone’s Pablenou is named after the industrial Barcelona town, well known for its famous loft spaces surrounded by art galleries, bars and businesses. This color has a Mediterranean warmth and feel, with a soft sandy background with a bright and comforting texture.

Seaport by Silestone Loft


Named after the small seaside district in south-eastern Manhattan, Seaport has the feel of dark, worn cement with soft white shading.  A versatile color that compliments textures from exposed stone to smooth wood.

Nolita by Silestone Loft


Nolita is also named after a New York borough, aka “North of Little Italy”.  This eclectic town is authentic and wild, full of personality and unique architectural idendity. Silestone’s Nolita is the lightest color of the Silestone Loft collection – a cold and industrial blend of whites and greys.  

Corktown by Silestone Loft


Inspired by the historical industrial splendor that is Detroit, Corktown is a the most intensely dark color of the Silestone Loft collection.  With rich blended hues of dark grey and brown and extra matte finish, Corktown is evocative of surfaces worn soft by time.

The Silestone Loft Collection features Cosentino’s innovative new HybriQ+ Technology

Silestone HybriQ+

All the colors in the Silestone Loft series are made using the innovative HybriQ+ technology, a process that Cosentino is debuting in this collection.  This milestone is the result of more than three years of intense work by both Innovation and Product and Environment teams of the Cosentino Group.

The HybriQ+ process utilizes reused raw materials, such as recycled glass, renewable energy, and recycled water. The presence of crystalline silica is significantly reduced, and a hybrid formula made up of mineral and reused raw materials is used. This new composition provides the material with modern aesthetic and design features, while maintaining the quality and beauty of Silestone, as well as its 25-year warranty.

Thanks to HybriQ+ technology, Cosentino has developed a new generation of Silestone that is more sustainable and respectful to the environment.

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