New Dekton by Cosentino Liquid Color Line set to Launch at Design Miami 2019

Next month, Cosentino will officially release its much anticipated new Dekton color line, Liquid, at Design Miami 2019. This color collection is a collaboration between Cosentino and the London based design firm, Patternity.  

Founded by designers Anna Murray and Grace Winteringham, Patternity is a creative organization that uses pattern to “inspire more curious, collaborative and connected ways of living”. The duo chose water as the inspiration behind their design because it is essential for life on earth and represents the universal interconnectedness of life.

“Almost three-quarters of the Earth’s surface is covered by liquid, and more than half of the volume of the human body is made up of it; it is no wonder we are fascinated by the notion of liquid in life.”

The three color ways in this collection – Liquid Sky, Liquid Shell and Liquid Embers – embody the movement of liquid in nature. Liquid Sky is described as “soft grey pattern swirls fluidly across a cloud-white backdrop.” The ocean floor as seen beneath the waves is the inspiration for the pearlescent Liquid Shell. Finally, black marbled Liquid Embers is “reminiscent of molten magma.”

Dekton is an ultra-compact, high performing large format surface material. It is virtually indestructible and can be installed for interior and exterior applications. Some examples include –

  • Exterior walls
  • Exterior flooring
  • Outdoor kitchens
  • Interior flooring
  • Countertops and Vanities
  • Shower walls and floors

Dekton “Liquid” color way Liquid Embers is a black marbled pattern reminiscent of molten magma.

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Through their collaboration with Cosentino, Patternity hopes to raise awareness to the interconnectedness of life.  Their choices in color and pattern reflect a more holistic idea of design and its connection to nature.

“We’re inspired by the theme of liquid and the importance of flow thinking and feeling – it’s part of the essence of Patternity and to us is representative of moving into a more feminine, holistic and intuitive way of designing and creating at this key time in history.” – Anna + Grace, Patternity Co-Founders


Patternity founders and lead designers Anna Murray and Grace Winteringham.

We anticipate having the Liquid Collection available for projects starting in January of 2020.  Please contact us for details on pricing and installation.  

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