Outdoor Kitchens: The Best Countertop Material for Outdoor Spaces

Outdoor kitchen coffee brown granite countertops austin texas
Outdoor kitchen in the Texas Hill Country featuring Coffee Brown granite countertops with a leathered finish. Installed for Hill Country Artisan Homes in Austin, TX.

If you live in Texas, chances are you have, or are planning to build, an outdoor kitchen. Outdoor kitchens are the best way to maximize your outdoor space, making it easy to prepare meals outdoors without having to constantly walk back and forth to the kitchen. Because outdoor kitchens are exposed to the elements year-round, the countertops you install must be made from a material that an take the abuse.

Natural Stone is Best for Outdoor Countertops 

Natural stone is the best choice for an outdoor kitchen and is also typically the least expensive option (depending on what color you choose). No matter what color you go with, granite will not crack or fade, even in the presence of the relentless summer sun. Similarly, quartzite is great for outdoor kitchens, though expect to pay a little more for this luxe material.  Another popular choice is soapstone. Soapstone is a highly dense and very durable natural stone that typically comes in hues of grayish green to black with white veins. 

outdoor kitchen granite countertops austin texas
Outdoor kitchen featuring Colonial Cream polished granite countertops. Installed for Ashby Signature Homes in Austin, TX.

Materials to Avoid

Quartz is a favorite material for indoor countertops because of its durability, but unfortunately it won’t last long in an outdoor environment. Quartz is made from 90% powdered quartz and 10% resin. Unfortunately, resin breaks down in the presence of UV rays and intense temperature changes. This means that resin products are going to fade, lose color and crack quickly when installed outside.  Similarly, solid surface materials, such as Corian or Hi Macs, are also a resin based and not recommended for outdoor installations. Although marble is a natural stone it is not recommended for outdoor installations. A softer stone, marble is less dense than granite, quartzite and soapstone and can chip or scratch more easily when exposed to outdoor elements

Dekton For Outdoor Kitchens

Dekton by Cosentino is one of the only synthetic materials rated for outdoor installations.  A super versatile material, Dekton can even be used for exterior walls and floors. Incredibly durable, stain and scratch resistant, Dekton comes in a variety of colors and will last a lifetime. Its incredibly dense nature makes it a challenging material to cut. Cutting Dekton requires special training. If you are considering this material for any application, make sure your fabricator is Dekton certified by Cosentino. AAA Countertops is a certified Dekton fabricator and our shop has great results with these types of installations.

dekton trillium outdoor kitchen cosentino
Outdoor kitchen fully wrapped in Dekton Trillium gives the look of corten steel without the mess.

Outdoor kitchens are a great way to utilize your outdoor space and add value to your property if done correctly. If you want to learn more about our outdoor kitchen surface material, contact us or stop by our showroom to explore our selection!


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