New Unique Calacatta Quartz Colors by MetroQuartz

Calacatta Quartz is one of the most popular trends in kitchen countertop design.  This quartz design combines the luxe look of marble with the durability of quartz. Calcatta quartz is one of our most frequently requested color ways, so we are always excited to have new options to show our clients.  One of our favorite quartz lines, MetroQuartz, has recently released two new unique calacatta quartz colors that we are so excited to offer our customers.

Unique Calacatta Gold  

Unique Calacatta Gold is a clean white quartz with a bold brown and tan vein pattern. Delicate structure, shading and highlights give this calacatta a natural look that is very similar to what you would see in marble.

Close up of Unique Calacatta Gold’s delicate veins.

While most calacatta quartz colors lean towards grey veins, MetroQuartz’s quartz version of Calacatta Gold offers an earthier tone, perfect for complimenting wood floors and neutral design schemes.  We love this look for an oversized kitchen island, especially if it has waterfall edges.

Kitchen island with waterfall apron featuring Unique Calacatta Gold by Metroquartz.

Unique Calacatta Black

Unique Calacatta Black is a modern take on classic marble. Clean white quartz is the background for rich black veins, giving a look like Zebra Marble but with the stain and scratch resistance quartz is known for.  This bold design is nothing short of eye catching.   

Close up of Unique Calacatta Black’s dramatic vein pattern.

The minimalist, two toned color palette of this quartz makes it perfect for a modern home design. We love how MetroQuartz created a custom kitchen sink from this material. The veins flow smoothly over the sides and basin of the sink.

Dramatic integrated sink crafted from Unique Calacatta Black.


MetroQuartz engineered quartz is resistant to high temperatures, scratch and stain resistant, and non-porous so it is resistant to mold, mildew and bacteria.   Like all quartz, it is man-made, crafted from 90% powdered quartz and 10% resin.

Come by our showroom to see samples of these as well as the many other color options MetroQuartz has to offer.